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Thursday, 11 August 2011

The 3 Kings pie...

Every year, in my country, on the 6th of January, we eat "La galette des rois"!!! It's a religious tradition. Basically, it's a puff pastry with an almond paste filling in which a figurine is hidden (that can be anything small enough to be hidden but not too small as not to be dangerous), if you have the piece of cake containing the figurine, you are the king/queen for the year to come... It's one of my fiance's fav dessert, so I actually do it very often, not only on the 6th January ;) This year I was in Belgium with my parents on that day, so I made one for them. We then went to my brother's place to eat it. It's his fiancee who became the Queen!! Here is a photo of my dad and myself with The Pie!!! lol

Recipe - is from HERE:
100g almond powder
75g sugar

50g of soft butter
almond extract
2 sheets of puff pastry (yep! too lazy!)
a few drops of Rum - optional
A Figurine (if your fiance is a musician like mine, a plectrum is good!)

Flatten/Roll one sheet of puff pastry to make it thin, on a flour-y surface
Place into your pie dish
Make some tiny holes
Prepare in a dish the almond paste by mixing 1 egg and 1 egge white, almond powder, sugar and butter, almond extract and Rum. Note: I usually whisk the egg first to make it a little bit foamy.
Place the paste in the centre of the puff pastry, leaving 1-1.5cm free at the borders
Hide the plectrum/figurine in the paste, best at the border (of the paste) so less chance to see it when you cut your pie ;)
Flatten/Roll the 2nd sheet of puff pastry on a flour-y surface
Place on top of your pie, cut the right size with the dish sharp edges.
Roll the bottom pastry borders around top pastry border to make a sort of twisted border. You do have space to do this as you're supposed to have left 1cm between almond paste and dish border ;)
To make it stick, wet your fingers!
Make tiny holes on the surface
With a non sharp knife, you can draw some lines for decoration
Finish by mixing 1egg yolk with a tiny bit of water and spreading this mixture lightly on top of pie and on borders to make it golden when baking...
Bake 210C 30 minutes. Check after 25minutes if not too brown, you can leave it too bake up to 40 minutes.
Enjoy ;)

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  1. I have never heard of this before... sounds like a fun thing to do with the family while teaching them something! Thanks for sharing.


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