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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

School dance 1997

I know I know that was a long time ago! Quality is really bad too but this was filmed with a really old (80's) camera and then transfered onto DVD, ripped on PC, etc... so the music is not really in sync with moves!!)

I've always been into Dancing - like Massively!!

This is a choreography on Michael Jackson Tabloid Junkie. I had just gotten the album on a cassette a few months before. I chose that song because it had a good beat. At that time, there was no Rn'B, Street dance, etc... so the moves are all from a Modern Jazz style as it was called at the time, which in hindsight is a mix of classic, gymnastics, street jazz, etc... Also bizarrely, in those years, the pace at which you executed movements was much slower than now. Now you have to achieve 12 moves in 3 seconds, in those days you were really counting your beats 1-2-3-4... lol

OK, back to the video, I'm not smiling, but you have to imagine the crowd behing the camerawoman (BTW- my mum!) Those people where the entire school so one wrong move and that was it for my reputation!!!lol

Anyway, here it is...

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  1. I tried Zumba a few times. I didn't realize how hard it is to keep in time with the music and remember dance moves. I have a new respect for dancers because it is NOT as easy as you make it look.


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