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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Looking for a new Winter coat

Pinned it myself from Topshop website
This Winter fashion 2011-2012 looks like it's gonna be about Faux Fur!!! I went shopping, more like window licking, and all new coats are either classic black buttoned style or faux fur!!! 
It looks really soft and pretty but do I really want to look like a giant rabbit when I take the tube in the morning? 
I honestly don't know yet because I'm actually considering it... lol 
Last year, I missed that Padded Jackets fashion - just out of false economy and really regretted it!! 
I did borrowed My mum's one and loved it (here below)!

So I was thinking the TopShop one was a good compromise between Faux Fur and padded jacket!!! The only problem is the price... After all, I'm only a poor scientist!  So is it worth it?????


  1. ... Tu es allée voir chez Gap?

  2. (English please!)
    No, but I just checked their website, they forgot that it's freaking cold in UK (or at least for me!). But anyway, I'm really not a fan of GAP, it's too big and simple for me! ;)
    Right now, I'm more thinking about stealing my mum's one...lol


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