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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pink Challenge

I was logging in into my blog when, there on my dashboard, in H.U.G.E, appeared a photo of myself shaking a coconut... what what?
But there it was, Bibil, a good friend from Belgium, advertising my introduction to the blogosphere, on her blog!!!! You can view it HERE.
Needless to say I'm very flattered and decided to waste no time to act on the challenge she gave me which is:

" Describe your surroundings with all the pink things!"

Ah ah easy I'm thinking... I looked around and realised there are not many!!! how sad!!!

I do have, a pink nemo type fish toy (yep!), a pink folder and my office neighbour Iphone cover is pink!!!

But if you want me to name all pink things I have in my bag, that is much easier!!!!!
So... let me take my bag and open it... I have:

  • A pink Nokia C3 phone with a sparkly black and pink back cover with a butterfly motif
  • A pink agenda with butterflies (my second obsession after pink!) from Paperchase (amazing London shop for stationery)
  • An Ipod touch with a pink cover
  • A purse, very pink, from Jane Norman
  • And a small mirror, sparkly turquoise, with the letters Love written. The O in the shape of heart, And last but not least filled with the colour pink!!!
  • And on myself, my socks are pink too...
I would say that is a pretty no pink day, some days are actually much more pink...
Like yesterday for example when I wore a black dress, accessorized with a soft pink belt with a butterfly (above). Black tights with sparse tiny soft pink bows, and last but not least OMG my new shoes....

Here you go, the pink challenge is now ticked!!! ;)
If anyone would like to reciprocate with its own colour, put your link in the comment section, I'll come have a look.

Have a fabulous day!!!


  1. Dès qu'il y aura de nouveau du soleil, je prendrai des photos par couleur... Ca risque d'être du dossier! :-)

  2. I love the color pink :) Great blog! New follower from blogaholic, have a great friday! You can find me at http://wvfrugal-wvsaver.blogspot.com/. Stop by my blog when you get the chance :)

  3. great post! thanks for following my blog, now following u back.


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