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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Simple but Delicious Flan

After the simplified Pannacotta tries and a few searches on google to help me with it, I realised I had never tried to make a Flan! And it looked so easy!

Also, after a visit to the GP who told me that my fainting fits sounded more like epilepsy and less like hypoglycemia, I started eating sugar again and drinking alcohol! Thank God!! (I'm telling you a Belgian girl with no beer and no chocolate= very depressed girl!)

So I didn't even tried to modify the real recipe of Flan!

Ingredients - for 4 ramequins:

53g sugar
vanilla pods (although I didn't have any so used vanilla extract)
330mL Milk


Set the oven at 150C
Boil Milk with vanilla extract and sugar
In a bowl, whisk 2 eggs
When Milk is boiling or really really warm, Pour it very slowly in the eggs while whisking away!! Don't stop whisking or the eggs will cook with the hot milk!

Note: Take a comfortable position with one hand whisking while the other is pouring the milk! ;)

Pour the mix into different ramequins or any other cute container that goes in the oven, or even one big one.
Set your ramequins or other in a second dish into which you poured water = Bain Marie
Put the whole thing in the oven at 150C for 45min or until when you insert a knife, it comes out clean

Note 2: It's easier to pour the water for the bain marie when your ramequins on the dish are already in the oven
Note 3: The point of the Bain Marie is so you don't do an omelette by cooking too strongly ;)


Nice looking flan to leave to set in the fridge, although eaten warm was also delicious


Poor Fiance looked at me with big eyes at the first "bite" which meant he loved it. He finished it in about 5seconds and asked for more!!!!
His only complain was that you could taste the eggs too much, but personally, It was the exact flan taste I would experct from any good restaurant - if I can say so myself!!!

Future experiment

I might attempt to do the liquid caramel that's supposed to come with it, or a creme brulee with caramel on top!
Stay tuned and
Bon Appétit!!

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