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Friday, 30 March 2012

Murder Story Part 3 - Meet Paul and Pamela

I know, it's been a while but here is another part of my Murder story

Meet Paul and Pamela:

Paul -

32 years old, from Ireland. Paul has always been shy. He’d never taken any risks in his life, so after his A levels, he did the most secure and safe job he could think of, accounting. He was bright enough. He never had much luck with girls, he’s always been crippled by his shyness.
Paul was at University with Malcolm and Gerard. A year ago, he decided to throw a party for their 10 year graduation.
Paul is married to Pamela.
Sonia is Pamela’s friend.
Paul and Pamela now live in Poole.

Pamela -

Pamela is 30, Spanish, she is from Chipiona, Spain, near Jerez.
She met Paul in a club in London when Paul was 20. Pamela had just arrived from Chipiona, Spain to train as a hairdresser. Her English wasn’t very good when she arrived but she was determined to improve. She had to otherwise her training at the salon was compromised.
The owner is a very old friend of her father. Her dad is also a hairdresser, she had learnt from him but wanted to explore the world before taking over her dad’s salon. She was hoping to create her own style and develop the best techniques in this fashion city that is London.

Paul and Pamela -

Paul and Pamela met in a club in London, Paul was 20 and Pamela was 18.
That night, she followed Spanish friends she lived with in Borough.
He had followed his flatmates from the campus to that club.
He ended up sitting in the quietest area of the club, in the lounge room, while his flatmates were dancing in the ear splitting rooms, when his gaze rested on this beautiful Mediterranean style girl, dark long hair, a fringe too long that blocked her eyes. But Paul knew that underneath it, she had the most beautiful eyes. She was sitting at the other side of the bar in that lounge room.
Suddenly, flicking her fringe to the side, she lifted her eyes and met Paul’s. But it took Paul 20 minutes, 1 triple Whiskey, to have the courage to stand up from his corner and go talk to that beautiful woman. His strong Irish accent was the second obstacle after his shyness. He introduced himself by first apologizing for bothering her. But she didn’t get a single word!
Poor her, she was so happy he had finally taken up the courage to come and chat her up. She found him sophisticated, his blond hair, curly, neatly tucked behind his ears.
When he spoke to her, she looked at him, interested to know and understand what he had just said. She just replied a Hola/Hello and smiled timidly. The first few sentences were a bit painful but it didn’t matter. Their eyes were speaking for themselves.
Having decided it was time to go home, her friends looked for her and found her with this blond man so without saying anything left.
At the end of the night, after exchanging their phone numbers and arranging for a quieter lunch the day after, they parted, Pamela attempted to find her friends and Paul his. But she couldn’t find hers so concluded that they had left already, their phones were not answering.
She decided to go home by herself and take a cab. But she soon realised she had lost her purse where she kept her BC and cash. Luckily she always keeps her keys and phone on her.
She thought about going back to Paul but after all she had only met him and didn’t know if she could trust him, she would wait next morning to meet him again - if he shows up!
The club wasn’t far from where she lived but the area she had to cross, Elephant and castle wasn’t the safest in London. She set herself at a good pace when she heard a car pulling over at her side and the electric window opening. A wave of fear rippled through her body when she heard the now familiar voice of Paul! He was asking her if she needed a lift. Relieved, she accepted his offer and explained her situation regarding her friends and purse. He naturally offered to pay the fare. When they stopped at hers, he didn’t ask for a coffee and she liked this about him. She would see him tomorrow for lunch in London Bridge. They timidly said goodbye to each other by shaking hands and shyly kissing on their cheeks.
After their lunch the day after, they never left each other. Supporting each other through his studies and her training. She had stayed after her 1-year training, agreed to stay on the job and pretexting to her dad she had more to learn. After his studies, he had taken up a small graduate job at a local firm on the high street of Mile end, where they lived for 2 years. A few months later, Pamela fell pregnant with their first child, Chano (now 8). They got married in a small ceremony at the registrar. Two years later, he got promoted to the highly coveted Poole Branch, near Bournemouth. A dream destination for Pamela who comes from a beach village in Spain.
They go on holiday to Chipiona every 6 months to visit Pamela’s family.

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