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Friday, 27 April 2012

My biggest creation so far...

But I doubt anything would top that!!
17th March 2012
As my friends would tell you I am soooo not a baby person and do not care a bit about other people's babies!! I did have a bit of bonding with my brother's daughter of whom I am the Godmother but apart from that, that's it!
I do like my close friends babies but that is about it really!!!
And then, now me!!!
I do see this as my own scientific experiment and so far it's working!!
If only all my lab exp. could work as easily as this one!! lol

1st of May we will know if my HF (Happy Fiance) and I will have a son or a daughter - pretty scary...
Although the closer we approach that date, the less I want to know...
Maybe it would be extra special to not know? It's not like I'm gonna dress my girl in pink and my son in blue, anyway it will be all colours. The only problem is that in shops, clothes are usually adorned with trucks or fairies...
Either way, I won't be disappointed, there are only pros for each sex!
It is true what they say, you only worry about her/him being healthy! 

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