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Saturday, 8 December 2012

D.I.Y. Dip dye...

So this is the first time in my life I don't have to study, go to school, or Uni, or work, or interviews to find a job, so this was my chance to do something extravagant in my hair like I've always wanted to do!!!
My original idea was to do an Ombré dark blonde and light blonde, but am so glad I changed my mind and fulfilled one of my dream... have pinkish hair... lol
Pfffiiioou, I've never done this myself, I wanted to do it but was scared, however with baby Nuno, I litterally had no time at all to go to a salon so it meant I HAD to do it myself... And I am Really happy with the result!

So first I had to dye my hair back to dark blonde because I had 4 months old highlights. 
I wanted to smooth out those ugly lines with a natural colour so I chose L'Oreal Excellence Natural Dark Blonde 7.
Then I tied my hair in a poney tail and dyed the second half of it with L'Oreal Feria P37 Plum Power.
However I forgot to add that oil you're supposed to pour into the bottle... Oops!

Will see how the colours hold...
Update January 2013: They DON'T hold AT ALL!!!! lol And I've ruined a few head towels, basically everytime I dried my hair! How crazy! Of course if I had bleached that part of hair first that might not have happened but still, I wasn't expecting this!

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