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Thursday, 20 June 2013

New House

Finally we are in our new house. We were so lucky to have founnd it, there is no work to be done, we could just move straight in! I'm glad because neither PF nor I are very good at DIY!
Also for the first time in my life, I've had to buy curtains!!! OUr bedroom is painted in grey (which is quite a relaxing ambiance for a bedroom!), so I bought some really nice silver curtains from Debenhams, all I need is to find some cute tie backs. I shall spend a few hours on Pinterest for that!! ah ah!!
Unfortunately, I think it was quite popular because the cushions are already out of stock! As soon as I get PF's furniture, I shall order some really nice silver bed linen to go with them! oooh I can't wait!!! Exciting!!!
The furniture are being moved over here on the 26th July! I hope the transfer will go smoothly and nothing is damaged! Those furniture have been stored for 4 years in a garage. I'm afraid the sofas will have some molded dents that will be impossible to unmold!
We are probably gonna have too much stuff as well, but I decided it was best to have everything here in London, where I can sell them instead of keeping them forever in Belgium, where things don't really get sold by internet! yet!
Right, baby is awake now, I shall take care of him... He grows so quick! He's almost 9 months old already!! Gosh that means I've been out of a paid job for 11 months!!! I insist on paid job coz maaaaaannnnn Being a mum is the hardest job I've ever had to do! You don't get bored, you're always tired, always on the move, always alert, and this 24/7! You play, you cook, you clean, you console, all this multiplied by a million times!!! But it's so rewarding to see my boy grow healthy and happy!!
OK, I shall go otherwise he's not gonna be happy anymore....lol

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