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Friday, 21 June 2013

Teething is a B!tch!!!

I can't believe poor babies are not born with their teeth out yet! When you think about the pain it must be to cut those gums, no wonder poor child is screaming his head off!
Actually we have all these teeth ready but they just come down when they are ready! Have a look at this weird pix:
Although, my son is also going through the anxiety phase whereby he screams if he can't see his mummy! At 3 am, oh Joy! And it takes him 1 hour to calm down! Superb! The problem is that it takes me 2 hours to calm down and stop hearing his piercing screams in my ears!!!
Oh Well, all this is short-lived, isn't it! Soon he will be a toddler, in fact in a few months, he's officially not  a baby anymore! Then he will be an infant, then a teen! Ah ah, I can't wait for him to start sleeping 12 hours a day and complain about getting up! I shall take my revenge then...

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