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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Criminal By Britney Spears

I've been a fan of Brit Brit for many years, in fact possibly right from the beginning in '98.
I remember buying her second album (before buying the first one) in 2000 from a supermarket in Belgium. I cherished it before the 3rd album came out a year later!!! It was only then I decided if I was gonna be a fan I needed to buy the first album too to complete my collection...

But anyway, that would be for another story!!!

Tonight, I was practicing on my guitar, as I usually do when PF (Poor fiance) is gone to work (ie. playing in a duet in bars). I've recently started singing at the same time as playing which is really not easy!! lol

I've also only started playing end of February this year, so really it's early days but I love it!

PF - who's my occasional teacher ;) - told me I had to learn songs I love to progress faster, so of course I've asked him to show me how to do a few Brit Brit songs!!! You should have seen the look on his face! I think he thought that at some point we could maybe play some blues together, a bit of Rn'R... but really babe, I'm a pop girl!!!

Out of her latest and 7th album, the track Criminal is the funny one out of the album (she always does one!) and is kind of acoustic-ish already except for the big beat on top of it!

I'm only learning of course, but I've tried to record the beginning of the song. I'll practice some more and will post better versions later, hopefully we can see improvements on both the singing (I won't have to think about my hands) and the playing (I won't have to think about the lyrics!!).

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