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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Life is a long road

As far as I can remember I've always sang!!! In my room, in my shower, at school, everywhere, all the time!!!

At University, every year, with the student union, we would organise a show mocking lecturers/student life/etc... Those shows comprised stand up comedy and songs. Songs would be known songs but with altered lyrics.

The first time I participated in that show was in 2000, I was then in my 3rd year of Chemistry degree (yep I know! but isn't that fitting - basic elements being at the source of all creations around???lol). I have a video tape of it but I haven't transfered it yet onto DVD - all in good times...

But I do have the show of 2001 on CD. Recently I found it amongst all my CDs when I was clearing up my things and decided to upload it on Youtube (where else?).

This song is from Daniel Balavoine, a famous singer and amazing artist/person who unfortunately lost his life in a stupid helicopter accident while visiting developing countries for his charity work.

The song is called "La vie ne m'apprend rien" but I re-named it "La vie est un long chemin" which means Life is a long road. I changed the lyrics to try to explain how student life is, how you learn so many things about not only your subject of choice but also relationships, culture, independence, etc...

I'm not hugely proud of my singing as I had a broken voice and some points it was difficult to keep notes!

Basically you have to imagine intensive rehearsals in a very cold venue, a day or 2 before the opening! Not the greatest idea to keep your voice!!!
I know I should have known better, but yep there was alcohol involved, smoke inhalation - in those days, there was no non-smoking areas! - and very little sleep!!!
Also - yes I know I'm trying to find excuses - this was in front of 300 people amongst which my parents, all my friends and more frightening all my professors/lecturers!!!
So at two points, I am aware that I do sing out of tunes but it's unfortunately due to stress and broken voice!!

Oh yeah, bless him, the guy playing on the keyboard did do a mistake at the beginning of the song but I think it gives charm to the song...
Also, at the end, he stopped playing because I was supposed to sing but I got blocked and didn't know when to start the next chorus, in the end the effect is really good. I started singing alone and he caught up with the playing!!! lol

Enough said, here it is

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