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Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Smoking song

PF (Poor Fiancé) is musician, that's his hobby, that's his life. His guitar is his mistress and I have to share our free time with her (them actually!).
He sings, he plays, he writes, he composes, he records, he mixes, he does a whole lot of things with and for her - and sometimes for me when the songs are about me...
The video above is a song he wrote a few years ago. All our friends loved it and audiences in pubs and bars in London usually give a good feedback for it!
So one day, we decided to make a video for it! I had played a little bit in the past with video movie maker, the program installed on all PC. It's fairly easy to use so it wouldn't ask us a lot of thinking to use it...
We concentrated on what to show on the video, what message to give, what typical situations smokers find themselves in, etc etc... We gathered all the footages and photos we had and wanted to use, a total of about 100 items to put in the "correct" order! Needless to say, I'm glad for my scientific background I developed that essential skill that is Organization!!!!
Anyway, after 2 weeks of late nights, a few arguments with my co editors on the artistic side of the video, we finally wrapped it up and posted it on the net!!
Now, neither PF, his friend or myself can hear that song again, but you, please do watch it, maybe you'll decide quitting too if you're one of them ;)!!! lol

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