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Monday, 26 September 2011

Already Legends

Poor Fiance (PF, who I call like that because he's so patient with me!!!)) put together a covers band, they called themselves Already Legends (AL). Not out of arrogance but simply because the songs they are playing are classic rock from great famous bands. He's so happy with that band, he can express himself on the guitar at his full power! He's had other bands in the past but I think he's most happy with this one, they are all mature dedicated musicians!
Last night, we were celebrating a dear friend's birthday at the pub where PF was playing with AL. We had a fantastic night! My closest friends (non work related) were all there, it was great to catch up with everyone! I loved it! During the band's last song, I filmed my friends dancing, chatting. I thought that was a great souvenir of the night and I should include it on this blog! Like a stamp on my calendar ;)

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  1. That looked like so much fun!
    Seems like you have a good group of friends.


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