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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dance collection

After all my studies, I finally had time to focus on my life-long passion that is Dancing!
I live in London and here the best/cheapest/still most famous studios are Pineapple Dance Studios!
I started going there in 2007 and followed Anthony's king class entitled "Michael Jackson style" which was basically all MJ choreographies!! I also went a few times to Andrew Jazz Rn'B class before the reality show Pineapple Studio made it impossible to attend a class, way too many young girls there for the fame!!! I think the last time I went at Pineapple was in the summer of 2010!
I really should have done this for all the classes I attended, filming myself rehearsing at home! I would have had a nice catalog!
I know, I do look serious on all videos (except the footage of the wedding), but actually it's only because I'm watching/observing myself on my window - which at night time, I use as a mirror!!!
I've just found the MJ original concert footage for the Dangerous part. Check it out my second bit of Dangerous is from 3min48, my first part is at 4min42 (I know I should have inverted them!!!)
I'm hoping to get back to dancing as soon as my leg muscles are repared (I tore my harmstring pretty badly and have been stuck for 1month1/2 now!!! Highly frustrating!!!!!) and then I will be able to learn more choreographies from MJ/Britney for this blog! Thanks for watching x


  1. Get well soon! how I wish I could dance just like that I got 2 left feet plus I could get really high weird & awkward dancing sometimes like this


    lol :)) but most of the time concert like

    feeling & with the crowd :))


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