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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Murder Story Part 1 - Meet Malcolm

I am a huge fan of murder mysteries, of Jessica Fletcher, Poirot, Colombo, Monk, etc...
So no wonder, sometimes I feel like I should write my own, just to see of I could do it!! This summer, on my way to my holiday place, I took a pen and a pad and started writing down all my characters! It came so easily, it was the best feeling!
It's not the story, I only have the bits and pieces. I'm hoping to find some time at some point to start the actual story (if we didn't have to sleep, maybe I'd have enough hours in the day!!lol). But let me share with you my first character, his name is Malcolm:

Malcolm -

32 years old, White British from an American mum and British dad, dark hair, green eyes. Tall and lean.
Malcolm has a big family, they would not say they are rich although from an outsider point of view, they are well off. He spends all his WE at their country house where he meets up with his dad, uncles, aunties and his many cousins. Unfortunately he hasn’t seen his mum since she left 20 years ago. All his life, his mum had always been a bit depressed, relying heavily on antidepressants. She divorced his devoted father when he was 12. Malcolm had a really hard time understanding why his mum had left him and thought that it might be his fault. His father told him she returned to her parents in Wisconsin, USA.
He is single, lives in Tooting in a flat share with his Uni buddy Gerard.
Malcolm and Gerard went to the prestigious LSE together and met on induction day for their BSc in accounting and finance.
He works in Canary Wharf. Although he has to wake up everyday at 5.30AM, he likes to go out every night with his colleagues, he usually scores easily with girls. He is what we can say a man’s lad!
Malcolm started playing the piano when he was 5 years old but abandonned between 12 and 25 years old. When he got his job and a stable - generous - income, he bought himself a piano for his flat and has started enjoying it again.

Also, I just wanted to let you all know that I've started a new blog called Science is So Sexy, I will post soon about it as soon as it's a bit fuller :)


  1. Have you heard of Nanowrimo? Maybe you can participate this November and pound out your first rough draft? Nanowrimo = National November Writing Month (or something) for writing a book in November.

  2. Thanks Evie, I will look into it, but really I'm only doing this on my free time - which is quite rare these days!lol But I do know someone who might be interested, i'll fwd it to her x

  3. If you want some creative writing exercises on your character... For example, describe a day where everything/nothing falls into place. How would your character react to it?
    Or: what whould have happened if Malcom had studied the piano professionally rather than choosing the world of finance?
    Don't hesitate to ask :-)


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