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Friday, 30 September 2011

Panna Cota - senza panna ne zucchero! - recipe

First of all, thank you Google Translate for translating words for me... ;)

The idea behind this oversimplified dessert is because I cannot have sugar (I'm on this strictly no sugar diet, because of my hypoglycemia) and I didn't have double cream in my fridge!! lol 
But really really wanted to try!!! I've had gelatin sheets for weeks in my cupboards and wanted to use them!!

Ingredients for 2 people (although these are very approximate):

200 mL Semi-skimmed milk
30g Agave Syrup
1 Vanilla Pod
3 sheets of Gelatin

Recipe (5 min prep):

Put gelatin sheets in water to soften them, put aside
Pour 200milk in a pan
Cut vanilla pod lenght wise, scrape the seeds in the milk
Warm up milk - no boil
Add Syrup according to taste
Add gelatin sheets to milk - draining water excess first
Make sure syrup and gelatin are dissolved
Pour in small containers - ramequin for example
Leave in fridge until cooled


Overall, a very nice and simple dessert - or breakfast!lol.
You could taste vanilla nicely although most seeds ended up at the bottom (need more gelatin?). 
I put a bit too much of agave syrup so although it was not too sweet, it's a kind of sweetness (fructose) that can be easily overwhelm your palate. 
The texture was soft, more like a flan than a panna cota.


As a matter of fact, I think next time - because There will be a next time -, I will try adding cinnamon and lemon zest, like in a flan, and will adjust the lemon acidic taste with Agave syrup.
Note: Poor Fiance (who has to try everything I make) just texted me saying it was delicious and refreshing, and he wants more!!! Cool!!!!

Bon Appétit!!!


  1. You have an award at http://debs-bookwormbookmark.blogspot.com/

  2. Update: I have now tried this with cinnamon and orange zest, instead of vanilla, and it's delicious!!!


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