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Saturday, 29 October 2011

One Happy Femme Fatale

As a massive fan of Britney and living in London, I could not not go to her concerts! Yes ConcertS because she's performing 3 nights and as a fan, i have my tickets for all nights! So far, she's had her first 2nights at the O2. And although I loved her Circus tour for all the entertainment we were offered, I have to say this one is bigger, better, brighter and louder!!!! The whole show is just one big party with thousands of people jumping up and down on her latest hits!

Critics in stupid London papers are not being nice to her, as usual, but she is still the best performer and entertainer who's been around for 13 years, and counting... and going stronger!!

Even Poor Fiance (who's this time if called like this coz I made him come with me) loved the show and told me he was a bit disappointed I hadn't got a second ticket for last night show for him!!! Of course he doesn' know/like the songs but he loved the show and the atmosphere was absolutely fabulous! The only song he knows is Baby One more Time which she did a special version of, and as a musician, he could only give positive feedback!
O2 London 27-10-11
Now, I'm sure lots of people are going to ask me if she sings live! Well, she does for most of the songs, the rest being pre-recorded in a live setting so you can hear it's not perfect but what do you expect from a dancer??? I'm always so annoyed that people criticize her for this but they don't even realise that all artists have always mimed on their songs, including Madonna, MJ and Beyonce!! It would be foolish to think otherwise! I guess people only believe what they read in the papers and are incapable of forming their own opinions, in French we would call them "Moutons de Panurge!".
Personally, miming or not, I can't wait for Monday for her 3rd London night!!!
O2 London 28-10-11
PF has stopped criticizing her because not only he saw the performer in her but also he saw how happy I was, how happy everyone in the audience was, isn't this the most important thing you should get from an artist? Artistic satisfaction and musical peace. I am one happy Femme Fatale ;)
O2 London 28-10-11


  1. i'm such a britney fan but have never been able to get to one of her concerts. would love to though. i hear she puts on an AMAZING show ... regardless of whether people say she sings live or not =)

  2. Thanks Meghan for your comment, I think you really should make sure to get to one of her concerts next time she's touring over to your side, because it is truly amazing. If you're a fan, you'll feel so happy to be able to dance and sing on all her songs with many many other people! It's fabulous!


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