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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spring - Summer - Autumn - Summer - Autumn confusion

Yes, this year in UK, it was a lil' bit confusing as to which season it actually was at any time point!!!

By April, May, temperatures were so lovely, we were hoping for a massively warm amazing summer, but it all went downhill from then with Rain Rain Rain all through Summer months with highs of 18 degrees C (64F)!!!

Yes, needless to say, it was freaking depressing, and we are all in serious lack of Vitamin D.

But... Against all hope, we got 1 week (10 days... let's be generous) of proper Summer feel last week!!!!

Never in my life (Ok. I'm not that old but still 30+ years is a lot!!) have I ever experienced 29 degrees C (84F) the last day of September!!

The only problem with that is when such weather happens in August, you get to have a very long day with the sun setting by 9-10pm. End of September, you only get such temperatures until mid-afternoon, because for sure by 6pm, you're almost in the dark! Such is the frustration when you're working inside (with airco set at 18degrees C), watching people sunbathing outside, thinking when you get out of the office, you'll do exactly that... But no no no, the Magical Sun has already set.....

Another problem with bizarre weather is the confusion in dress sense!!!

Do you wear flipflop or boots?
Do you wear black tights or are you going bare legs?
Do you wear a winter coat or just a scarf?


London is, at the moment, in such dilemmas, its' almost funny to see what everyone else is wearing!!!

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