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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Murder Story Part 4 - Meet Jacquelines


46, very tall, blond, very long hair. British, divorced, she was married for 17 years to Martin. She met Martin very young, when she was 17, he was 31 at the time. He had left his partner for her. They married 2 years later, got 3 children (Maïty 12, Desdre 26, Bradley 24). 
She was a beautician when she met him but quickly gave up her job when she got Desdre. She realised Martin wasn’t faithful but for the children, she said nothing for many years. Martin was a taxi driver and she suspected that his affairs were with his customers. One day, he left her with one of them, a 23 years old. He actually announced it to her in the car while driving, they had a fight and crashed into another car. They spent many months in hospital to recover from their injuries.
Jacquelines started working again, her youngest Maïty being still at school. Jacquelines works at the same clinic than Sonia but not as a nurse, as a night shift cleaner. Sonia and her met on their regular coffee breaks. Sometimes, at night, she cries herself to sleep when she thinks about how her life turned out. Of course she’s got her children, she is so proud of them. Desdre is a scientist and went to America for a research post at university. Very bright she earned herself a studentship for her PhD she did at Imperial College.
Bradley is a graphic designer and started his own business, an online company, as soon as he graduated. He lives in a flatshare in Clapham Common.

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