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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My 5-year plan...

As I'm entering a new chapter in my life that is going to be considerably different from the others, I have decided that it deserved a new blog!!!
The life of my yet-unborn child will have his own diary, starting with pregnancy!!!
It is written in French as it is primarily for family and friends overseas, but there is a Google translation tool!!! Translation is very funny sometimes - very interesting!!!
As I was thinking about what I have achieved in my life, I realised that my life seems to be written in chapters of 4 to 6 years!!!:
85-91 Primary school
91-97 Secondary school
97-02 University
02-06 New life in London and PhD
07-12 Professional life and beginning of love story with PF
12-...  Newly parents

It is funny how at interviews you always have that question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"
I've never been able to answer this question because quite frankly my luck in love has been more than disastrous, and professionally, science is such an unstable career path, you never know when your next job will be!!! 
But now, I actually know what I'm gonna do!!!:

1. Have a baby!! ah ah if all goes well he's on his way...
2. Find a new career from March 2013 (don't know what though but ideally something to do with science communication!) that will pay a nice mortgage, my bills! To achieve this:
2a. Write write write for my blog Science is So Sexy
2b. Read read read everything to do with medical writing 
2c. Take editing course
3. Buy a cheap ready-to-move-in 3-bedroom house in my area for a move in October 2013 at the latest - and organise move of PF mum's furniture from Belgium!
4. Get married somewhere sometime in 2014 - maybe twice: in Belgium for family and in London for friends. Or in London for immediate family/friends and an exotic island for us+best friends
5. Make another baby around 2016

Admittedly 2. and 3. are gonna be the hardest ones!! But I am so hopeful I can get a nice job!!!  Once job is in the pocket, 3. should be a matter of chance more than real work!!!
Ok, time to get back to actual work!!! ;)


  1. How is writing a PhD not part of your professional life? :-)

  2. It is lol but as I need to find words to make the distinction between PhD and postdoc lives, PhD could still be considered as studies (altho I was working at the same time) and postdoc as "real" research job! In reality, both are cheap labour work for academy!!

  3. Looks like number 3 is on its way too :)
    And I found other writers for 2a!!!

  4. Update: 3 did happen in May 2013. I worked on 2a and 2b like mad and it worked: As of July 2014, I reached 2!!!! I am junior copywriter in the advertising department of a medical communications agency!
    So 4 and 5 will be on hold for a while while I get myself established in this new career!


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