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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Our little Monster will be...

... a surprise...

We have decided to keep it a secret. Both EF (Exstatic Fiance) and I know though. We just want to keep something for ourselves!
It's crazy how when you are pregnant, you suddenly become public property! Everyone wants to know everything! OK, they are happy for you, especially mums and mums-to-be!
But I'm telling you, I'm not really a private person and will tell every single detail to my besties, but to the whole world, nooooooo!!! I guess people asking me really annoying questions are not really my friends and don't know better than to ask!
So as a result of being poked in the belly and questioned on all existential questions by everyone and anyone, FUF (Fed Up Fiance) and I have decided to keep at least one thing for ourselves!!!
And you know what? I've had complaints!
Yes, a colleague of mine explained to me how ridiculous it was to keep the sex of the baby secret when we knew it!!! I was shocked!
I also have about everyone making guesses based on how I talk, or how I behave! I find this extremely disrespectful, towards my wishes as well as my body!! And FYI, baby is a masculine word in French so I WILL say He when talking about it!!!
And of course what's gonna happen is that when the baby will be born, those same people will say "I knew it" and that will annoy me even more!!!
So to say or not to say... If I haven't shared the information with you, that means we don't see each other enough or you're not part of my closest friends!! In any case, the verdict will be in 4 months, so no long to wait... And no point telling me you need to know the sex of the baby as to know what to buy! No one buys baby clothes for a friend before the baby is even born!!!
On this grumpy note, Have a good day...lol

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  1. And by the way... Happy Mother's Day! :-)


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