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Monday, 18 June 2012

End of an era...

I don't know why it feels like an end of an era this year!!! And I'm not even talking about me being pregnant and not drinking/dancing!!! lol
I'm actually talking about all those TV series I have been watching relentlessly since I moved to the UK!!!
They always come and go of course but in 1 single week I have finished Make it or Break it, Desperate Housewives and House, MD!!!!!!!!! And I don't know what's happened to Fringe and Mad Men, are they doing new seasons? 
Which makes me wonder, what am I going to watch when I'll be at home nursing my baby?? All existential questions of course...lol
Thank God Hollyoaks is on everyday!!


  1. I heard that there will be a new show planned on Channel 4 called "Secret Eaters" which spies on peoples's eating habits to contrast what they claim to be eating and what they actually eat... A bit sick :-) And only available for UK viewers... Otherwise I have Grey's Anatomy for you.

  2. Grey's Anatomy started such a long time ago, I don't know if I'd be able to watch it from the beginning. Do they even have mobiles? I'm joking of course, they even have mobiles in Murder she wrote season 9... ;)


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