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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Home made moisturizer

Being a chemist and seeing recipes for home made moisturizers, I was bound to cave in and make up my own!
There are a few online, I think for me the easiest was from a Hubpage so I kind of followed that one! It was fairly easy!
So here is how I did: 

1 tablespoon of beeswax 
1/4 cup of oil (~63mL)
1/3 cup herbal tea (~83mL)
A few drops of lavender essence
1 capsule of grapeseed extract 

I went to a Nature shop and bought some Grapeseed oil (the cheapest!) but quite frankly I could have used my kitchen's olive oil. 
I also bought some lavender essence, simply because it was the cheapest and I love the lavender scent
I then bought some beeswax pellets on Amazon because that shop didn't have any but any nature shop should have Beeswax, it's kind of a basic ingredient for cream!
I used some decaf green tea as my herbal tea ingredient.
The capsule of grapeseed extract is basically a "vitamin" you can buy at any good vitamin shop! Mine was from Holland and Barrett! 

I created a double boil whereby I placed a bowl containing the oil and beeswax, on a sieve placed on top of a pot, kind of like this except that here the mixing boil is directly on top of the pot:
Once the Beeswax was well melted into the oil, I let it cool down on the side for 2 minutes. Needless to say, be very careful not to burn yourself, we're playing with hot oil!!!!!!

Then I drizzled it into the tea while whisking vigorously so the oil mix droplets can disperse equally amongst the tea water molecules! (use your mixer/liquidizer?)

The mix will turn into a creamy whitish spread. Chemically speaking, it's called an emulsion (like a mayonnaise).

I added a few drops of lavender scent for a nice smell and a capsule of grapeseed extract for preservation - although it's only an antioxidant and not anit-microbial agent!

I sterilised a baby bottle I haven't got any use for anymore, spooned the mix in there. I left it in the fridge to make sure it will stay bug-free as long as possible but we're only talking a good 2 months!

When I wanna use it, I make sure I wash my hands first before dipping into the mix so I don't introduce any nasties!

The result is quite pleasant, the cream is a bit moussey which is nice, slightly sticky on the spread but all absorbed and not sticky any more after a few minutes!

I like it ;)  

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