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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Book Review #19 - A Place of Secrets

Title: A Place of Secrets
Author: Rachel Hore
Publisher: Pocket Books (2 Sep 2010)
ISBN: 978-1847391421
Length: 400 pages

Description (from Amazon)
The night before it all begins, Jude has the dream again ...Can dreams be passed down through families? As a child Jude suffered a recurrent nightmare: running through a dark forest, crying for her mother. Now her six-year-old niece, Summer, is having the same dream, and Jude is frightened for her. A successful auctioneer, Jude is struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband. When she's asked to value a collection of scientific instruments and manuscripts belonging to Anthony Wickham, a lonely 18th century astronomer, she leaps at the chance to escape London for the untamed beauty of Norfolk, where she grew up. As Jude untangles Wickham's tragic story, she discovers threatening links to the present. What have Summer's nightmares to do with Starbrough folly, the eerie crumbling tower in the forest from which Wickham and his adopted daughter Esther once viewed the night sky? With the help of Euan, a local naturalist, Jude searches for answers in the wild, haunting splendour of the Norfolk woods. Dare she leave behind the sadness in her own life, and learn to love again?

My Verdict
This was an unexpected good read, I have put all her other books in my wishlist now!!!
This is a true mystery again, with a murder/mysterious death to understand as well as an important family story to follow and understand. This is a very good twisted story that is worth a second read.
Like Kate Morton, Rachel Hore likes grand houses, history artefacts and events.

My Ratings

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