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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book review #23 - The Husband's secrest

The husband's secret by Lian Moriarty

I had this book on my kindle for a while but never took the time to read it. Now that my job is at the other end of the capital, I have PLENTY of time for reading!!! And what a read! I have since downloaded all the author's other books! I just love her way of writing! It's messy, it's straight out of the character's head, but there is intelligence behind the story, things are not as they seem, you think you guessed the outcomes, you doubt a lot. The end of the story is a mix between "And they live happily ever after..." and "OMG this tragic event CANNOT be the end!"

The story itself is difficult at times to get your ahead around because it focuses on 3 different families. At the beginning you don't understand the links between them as it slowly unfolds. Each family story is so plausible, at the beginning, but then it turns into a drama, which you don't expect.

Overall, this book made me smile, laugh, cry, cringe, think and I can't wait to read all the author's book because that will surely be the best books I would have read in a long time!

My notes:
"For Pete's sake, the girl went back to work three months after Jacob was born"
= It made me smile because in my natal country, it is normal to go back to work after 3 or 4 months. It would be unimaginable to stay at home for longer. When I said to my family that I was gonna take 1 year to look after my little one, and that it was normal in the UK, they were shocked.

"It was the Easter Hat Parade and the St Angela's mothers were out in force, dressed up in honour of Easter and the first truly autumnal day of the new season"
= That's when I realised that the story was not set in my hemisphere! This is such a foreign concept to me as I've never been far away from home for too long and experienced jet lag or season change!

"One of the nuns had tried to make her write with her right hand and Ed had gone up to the school and said, 'Sister, with all due respect, who do you think made her left-handed? God did! So let's leave her that way.'"
= That is something I need to remember, even though I'm not religious and it would be inconceivable to anyone to try to change someone in that way anyway!

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