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Thursday, 23 October 2014

SoreThumbThinking #2 - Roses Are Red

Hello Beautiful Creature,

This post is a Re-blog from my company's employees' blog. I would like to share with you what I write over there. Feel free to visit it as well :)

Roses are Red

I’m new to the advertising world.
Not that I’ve never watched/been intrigued/shocked/appalled by TV adverts… But now, it’s my job to transform complicated medical data into appealing, exciting, influential information while being uncompromisingly scientifically accurate!!!
To do the best job possible, ideally I need to come up with ‘fresh’ ideas, to quote John Hegarty. However, as he explained his book:
‘Your idea only exists in relation to another idea’
‘In fact, the value of an idea is in how it draws its inspiration from the world around us and then reinterprets it in a way we haven’t seen before.
‘Hegarty on Creativity’ by John Hegarty
So naturally, I’m looking around… I am more attentive to ads on TV, on the tube, the bus, youtube, etc…
And what I came up with recently is that in the advertising world, we can encounter dramatically opposite messages that would still appeal to anyone and everyone in this day and age:

1. SUPER FRESH: The Coca-Cola ad on the Social Media Guard

2. Fresh-ish EE’s Kevin Bacon “It’s a no Brainer” advert
‘It’s a no brainer’ is the perfect opposite to the above Social Media Guard.
While EE and Kevin Bacon promote the possibility of accessing the same network whatever device each family member uses, Coca-Cola promotes bringing people together by guarding family members from the restricted view of a cyber world.

3. Not so Fresh (once you know about 1. and 2.) Vodafone Power to the family 
Vodafone latest TV advert is all about sharing important moments with family thanks to our increasing inter-connectivity. Power to the family encourages multi-generations to work better together, stay open about those all-important family values ie. stay “connected”.

Somehow, all three of them could appeal to anyone because although we think that we all need a reliable internet broadband, we also would like to respect traditional values.

Now, the tricky question: would you be able to choose the one that appeals to you the most? Did the execution determine your choice or did the message?

The title of this post refers to a song, can you guess which and why I chose it?

See you Soon,

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