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Thursday, 23 October 2014

SoreThumbThinking #3 - Hypnotize

Hello Beautiful Creature,

This post is a Re-blog from my company's employees' blog. I would like to share with you what I write over there. Feel free to visit it as well :)


Have you ever read a book that makes you enter a trance and nothing can quite get you out of it?
I’m into such book at the moment. In fact, I have been for a month or so, ever since I discovered Liane Moriarty’s novels. I already devoured 3 of her books, am famished to finish this one and cannot wait to feast on her earlier titles!
Enough with the eating metaphor and let me tell you about the one I’m reading at the moment which is about hypnotherapy!

I e-read so, very conveniently, I can highlight sentences whenever I’m wowed by her insights – which happen to be quite often with her! One such quote I recently highlighted was the following:
‘From the moment we’re born, everyone is hypnotizing us. We are all, to some degree, in a trance. Our clients think we’re “putting them to sleep” but our ultimate goal is the opposite!’
And that is one of those things that made me stop reading!

 'From the moment we are born, everyone is hypnotizing us' - TWEET THIS

I got out of my own reading trance, my neurons firing new messages, telling me I should think about that for a minute.
Now I’m reading this sentence through my copywriter-in-a-healthcare-advertising-agency’s eyes and I’m reminded of the BIGGER PICTURE:

‘Our clients think we’re “putting them to sleep” but our ultimate goal is the opposite!’

As a creative agency, we are trying to shake our clients up, hypnotize them into unreservedly trusting us to create better advertising for their drugs. Why? Because

Their clients (GPs, HCPs, etc…) think they’re “putting them to sleep” but their ultimate goal is the opposite!’

‘Yes, there is a lot of money involved but here is a drug that can save more lives or increase quality of life, you do whatever you want with this information but please make the right decision by your patients, because

Your patients think you’re “putting them to sleep” but your and our ultimate goal is the opposite!’

At the count of 3, you will wake up and feel refreshed, 1… 2… 3… Discuss!

(The title of this post refers to a song, can you guess what it is?)

 See you Soon,

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