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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to add your home-made Tweet This Call to Action?

Hello Beautiful Creatures,

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In this previous article, I explained why and how to add an automatic Tweet This Call to Action. In this new article, I cover how to make it yourself!Don't you worry, I promise you it's not that complicated!!!

Today is about How to create a home-made 'Tweet this' Call to Action!

When you want to tweet an article, you always wonder what you will write within your tweet. You think maybe you should read it more intensively just to make sure you don't tweet crap! And similarly, you are worried that your readers won't know what to tweet and won't tweet as a result!

Well, now you can choose what you want your readers to tweet, either to make sure that your info is reported accurately or to help your readers tweet your content easily.

Tweet This - How to add your home-made Tweet This Call to Action? 

As you can see here above, I've just created one! Go ahead, try it, click on Tweet This and you will be automatically redirected to your twitter page with a ready-made tweet ready for you to tweet! How wonderfully easy!!!

3 steps away from creating a Tweetable content

For you to make a similar super easy Call to Action on your own blog, follow these simple steps for maximum tweeting engagement from your readers:

1. You will see that when you are being redirected to Twitter your URL looks like this:


2. We can deconstruct it into chunks


It will look like this:


3. How to replace with my own values?

The first line stays as it is
This is the content you would like to be tweeted. Don't forget to replace spaces and symbols by  appropriate codes
This is the hyphen that separates your content and the URL (optional)
This is the code for http://
This is your URL after the http chunk
This is hashtag for Twitter
This is the @username on Twitter

I need codes for my punctuation and symbols

The ones I use most often are these ones:
space          + 
?            %3F 
,            %2C 
#            %23 
@           %40 

If you'd like more codes, you can have a look at this list, this is the one I work with too.

How do I shorten my URL?

If you'd like to shorten your URL but don't know how to do, the easiest way is to use Bit.ly

And here you go my beautiful creatures, how to create a tweet this call to action for your own beautiful blog :)

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