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Friday, 26 August 2011

Uni stories

At Uni, as I explained in this first post, I participated a few times at shows about Uni life, professors etc... singing on stage. In 2002, I did it again:
The original is from the Belgian band Vaya Con Dios although after a quick search on youtube, it looks like the official original might be form LesPaul and Mary Ford, but stolen from a Serbian traditional song!!!! Woahh I didn't know this song had so much history!!!
Anyway, as the revue requires, I changed the lyrics to a story about the lecturers you meet during your candidatures i.e. the first two years at Uni when you're doing a 4-year degree. Specific details about mine and hard it was to go through those years!!
Funnily anough during the show the recording didn't work, so after the show I was asked to sing it again so I would have a souvenir of the night! So the cheers after the performance are actually from my friends who did the show with me, not the audience that night. The guitar player was not PF but it was his guitar - long before PF and I became involved in fact!!!!
The sound is really not good as I found the CD recently and it was in a very bad condition!!!
OK, Here it is

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