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Friday, 11 November 2011

Murder Story Part 2 - Meet Gerard and Sonia

So I've already introduced you to Malcolm. I though I would let you meet Gerard and Sonia.

Gerard -

33 years old, from a French mum and Pakistani/British dad, dark skin, eyes and hair, single. Tall, a bit chubby in general.
Gerard is a year older than Malcolm because after his A levels, his parents died in a car crash. He decided to take time off to arrange for the family business to be sold - A carpet shop down Essex Road - and then decided to go on a round the world trip to focus on himself. When he came back, he started his degree for which he had got a place 2 years previously.
Malcolm and Gerard went to the prestigious LSE together and met on induction day for their BSc in accounting and finance.
Gerard lives with Malcolm in Tooting.
He sometimes joins Malcolm on family’s WE trips.
He is in a 1 year non committal relationship with Sonia. Some might say he doesn’t want to commit because he is scared to lose her as well.
Sonia and Gerard met through his friend, Paul

Sonia -

28 years old, from Pakistani parents, she was born and raised in London. Dark hair/skin/eyes, she is middle height and curvy.
She is a nurse, works in a local clinic. She’s a very independent woman, lives on her own in a studio flat. She likes to go out have a good time with her girls. Although she and Gerard have been together for a year, she understands that Gerard is being cautious in their relationship and doesn’t want to rush into a big commitment. Also they are very different, he is very casanier, and she is more outgoing so she doesn’t feel ready to be sucked up in a stay at home relationship. She doesn’t like Malcolm’s behaviour towards women. She had  a very strict upbringing and thinks how Malcolm treats girls as sex objects is disgusting. But she does like to talk to him when he’s tired. In those instances, he’s much calmer and talks more about interesting things, emotional things, and not show it off stuff.
Sonia and Gerard met through her friend, Pamela
Her best friend at work is Jacquelines.

Gerard and Sonia -

For Paul and Pamela’s daughter’s 3rd birthday, Catalina, Gerard was invited, along with Pamela’s parents, over from Spain, Paul’s parents from Belfast, Pamela’s friend Sonia and a few of their neighbours.

Naturally, they had the most things in common and chatted all afternoon under the sun, both taking comfort in each other’s company. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to see each other in London.

On their way home, they coincidentally took the same train back to London so sat together and chatted some more.
They arranged for a dinner together at that nice Indian restaurant at the corner of Tooting Bec. Both busy, they only managed to arrange for the week after, Gerard being too busy doing long hours at his start up and Sonia on call at the clinic!

There are still a few members of our little community to meet and then we can emit hypothesis on who killed who and why! ;)

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