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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to add an automatic Pin it! button to your blog images?

Hi Beautiful Creatures,

If you'd like to connect your image to Pinterest, the way I see it you have two choices:

1. You upload the image on Pinterest, take the URL from pinterest in repaste it within your blog image html. 
Your readers will be redirected to your Pinterest board, and will have the choice to follow your board, and repin your image.

2. You can add an automatic Pin It! button to your images. 
Your readers will be able to pin your image directly to their board. It is less time consuming than 1. but the downside is that you are not promoting your own Pinterest board.

However, I found that since there are so many follow buttons everywhere, it is good to be able to automate some of your work!!!
Tweet This - How to add an automatic Pin it! button to your images?
Tweet This - How to help your readers tweet your content?  - See more at: http://creationsesmeralda.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/how-to-add-automatic-tweet-this-on.html#sthash.OjoUskbv.dpuf

To do so, it is surprisingly easy!

How to add an automatic Pin it! button on your images?

What Pin button shall I choose? A quick google search will help you, or you can make up your own like I did it for my Science So Sexy blog using power point.

Upload your chosen pin button on a server. You can easily do this by inserting a new image on a blog post then stealing the image URL in the html viewer.

How to find a URL for an image that is not on internet yet

Automate the Pin it! button when your reader's point hover your image: The beauty is that you need to do this step only once!

1. Go to your Blogger Template
2. Open your html
3. Search for </body>
4. Paste the code below before the </body> (click on the link below the image to be redirected to where the code is)
Customise it Don't forget to customise the code above with your own information:

* Replace the purple URL with your own pin button URL
* Replace the green button position to the value you want:

"Center" will position your Pin it! button in the middle of your imag;
you can replace this value by BottomRight, BottomLeft, TopRight, TopLeft

See you Soon

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