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Friday, 27 February 2015

Easy Cartoon Popsicles for toddlers made up of only 2 things

Thank you for dropping by and visiting my creations blog.

Today, I'm going to start a new label called Toddlers Craft!
As my boy is now approaching the evil age of 2 years and 1/2, I need to start thinking about fun activities for him to do that are educational as well as interesting.

Unfortunately my boy is not exactly the crafty type of person like his mum is, he absolutely hates anything messy so there hasn't been any chance of painting, drawing, water playing yet.

He's not too much into his toys, as expected for his age and despite rotating them, but he absolutely loves TV stuff. OK, my own fault for introducing him to Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Noddy and Peter Rabbit. But let's admit it, we can't survive without TV, if only to tame his hyperactivity!

In my rare moments of free time, I like to browse Pinterest for anything exciting including crafty things to do with Nuno. That's when I found a lot of crafts made of wooden sticks!

Usually, I absolutely hate wooden things because it makes my teeth grind! I know, weird! Some people have this with Styrofoam.

Cartoon Popsicles Made with Only 2 things



1. Wooden popsicles

I purchased my wooden sticks from Amazon, you have the choice between normal size ones (ice cream style) or the Jumbo ones (like at the doctor's), natural colour or rainbow coloured. I bought both sizes but used the smaller ones for this activity. And of course I chose mine rainbow - obviously ;):

2. Print outs of your toddler favourite cartoons
My boy is in love with Disney and CBBies characters!!

I copied-pasted images from Google Image onto PowerPoint because it was easier to guesstimate how big they were going to turn out. I then printed them out on thick drawing paper and loosely cut around them.

=> I then glued them onto the popsicles with a bit of PVA craft glue.

Et Voila:

My boy absolutely loves them. When I first showed them to him, his eyes sparkled with recognition. It was a special moment!

See you Soon,


  1. They look perfect and so playful; thank you for the inspiration

  2. This looks like great fun to do, i loved making things like this when my boys was young. X


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