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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Popsicle puzzle

Hi guys, thanks for dropping by,

Today, I'm sharing a super easy toddler activity that you can prepare in 5 minutes using wooden sticks, glue, and a printer.

Cartoon Popsicle Puzzle

Everyone loves a good puzzle, the thrill of finding the right fitting pieces and the sense of satisfaction when you look at the end result... an odd feeling of completion

Toddlers are exactly the same! However, sometimes, they may feel pushed by parents or carers (nursery, childminders) to start and finish a puzzle and may reject the game altogether. I know it for a fact as it is what happened with my son.

This easy puzzle is a bit different so it may attract your child by its simplicity while still achieving the fine motor skills you are expecting him to learn while playing with a normal puzzle.


I purchased a big bag of Jumbo popsicles so if you have been following me recently, you probably have them too so no need to spend extras. if you haven't, here is a reminder of the ones I chose, along with the cheap glue I bought:


  1. Find a nice image from Google image or else to print out. It's best to choose a landscape type of picture as opposed to portrait so it's longer than it's wider. NB: Bear in mind the copyrights!
  2. Copy paste it on a power point slide so you can guesstimate the size of it
  3. Print it out on a quality paper, so when you glue it on the wooden sticks it doesn't tear the paper
  4. Prepare as many wooden sticks as required on a line
  5. Sellotape them together on one side to keep them in place
  6. Paste the other side with glue, making sure that there's no glue between wooden sticks otherwise they will be stuck to one another
  7. Place your image carefully on the wooden sticks and wait for it to dry
  8. Optional: You can draw lines or patterns on the rest of the sticks to help with correct placing
  9. Remove the Sellotape from the back
  10. Separate the wooden sticks by carefully cutting between them using a scalpel-type sharp blade
  11. Optional: You can write the numbers at the top of the sticks

What your toddler will learn

  • Recognise the image pattern
  • Learn how to associate colours
  • Learn numbers
  • Fine motor skills by adjusting the sticks next to one another
Let me know if you do it and how your toddler received it. It would be interesting to know everyone's reaction.

See you Soon,

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